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Friday, December 16, 2005

H-h-hello! H-h-how are y-y-you d-d-doing today?

I'm such a dork. Yeah - I know you already knew that - but let me tell you what I did that makes it worse.

The house was very hot last night. I was tempted to open windows but a cold front was forcast for last night and I didn't want to wake up freezing - so I flipped the thermostat over from HEAT to COLD and didn't bother looking at the thermostat closer. We always set it at 80 degrees, right? Should be fine. Didn't even think about it again. I wasn't hot after that so that's all that mattered. HA!

It turns out DH had set the temp to 65 degrees when we switched it to HEAT - we even discussed it the day before - 65 degrees or 70 degrees? Hmmmmm. We opted for 65 because he knows how I hate forced air heat and I don't really want the thing actually turning on. I'll just pile on another blankie - it will be fine.

So - From heat to 65 degrees (and the temp was actually warmer than that in the house), to cold at 65 degrees. Can you guess who woke up FREEEEEEEZING cold in the morning? Give up? EVERYBODY! I heard about it from DH, ,I heard about it from the kids...... heck - I FELT IT.

Can you say d-d-d-dork? I CAN!


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