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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy December

Wow who knew things could get so hectic. The best news is that Christmas shopping is now DONE except for little teeny things here and there like everyone's new toothbrushes (we change them every year) and the new 9 volts for the smoke detectors (a yearly Smith family tradition).

I had my MRI on Friday - that was slightly scary and HUGELY stressful. I hate being pinned - and I was pinned for this test - UGH! They had me lay down on this board - which was okay - and my head fit into a little divot/dent on one end which was okay - and then they gave me earplugs which was allright - then they slid a cage around my head - and wedged my head in with cushions. I had to cross my arms in front of me when they slid me into the tube and the tube was maybe 4 inches away from my face. (the cage was only about an inch away). I would have completely freaked out if they slid me all the way in - but they only slid me in up to my waist. So I lay there for about 20 minutes listening to the rattle and banging of very large things swinging around my head at high velocity - arms pinned, head caged - yeah - I was a tad bit stressed. Then they tried to inject me with the contrast solution. HAH! My veins roll and move - when I am laying down they are hard to locate - and when I am stressed, they contract. I got the "Poke and fish around" treatment 5 times before they found a suitable vein. I'm bruised up on my arms - I could never be a junkie - I'd never be able to get my fix. LOL!

So - after that DH and I did some power shopping. I spent less than I anticipated spending (Yes, DH - that was less than I thought I would spend) and spent the afternoon wrapping. Not everything is wrapped yet, and I'm not sure I remember what exactly the kiddos will get from me, but hey - it's better than doing it all on Christmas eve like the past x amount of years.

After wrapping - the kids went to the free movie show at the local community center and DH and I went grocery shopping. Firstborn is finally too old to do the movie thing so he stayed with us and helped. After we got groceries done - we picked up the girls and had dinner. After dinner we got the Christmas decorations down from the attic and found a scorpion had stuck himself to the tape on one of the boxes and died and shrivelled up there. Merry Christmas to us!

Also after dinner middlechild started a ruckus that ended with her getting a fat lip and black eye, and a REAL long talk about overreacting and controlling our tempers. (it's a long story - saving that for another post) That fat lip and black eye shot our plans for Saturday to pieces - we were going to do the kids DVD that day and take Christmas photos. So - instead of that, Saturday was spent putting up decorations, working on more handmade christmas gifts and baking pies.

I made pumpkin and my first Pecan pie. I also made fudge. After John got back from his job we went to share the pies at his boss's house and deliver the puppy. The puppy will do fine there - I could tell they were falling in love with her right away. They were surprised she hadn't gotten much bigger - I told them she would not get to be too much larger than she was - about 12 inches tip of snoot to base of tail will be about it. She's already 6 inches long - maybe even 7. Their current dog is completely disinterested in her - sniffed her all over and that was it. They know that if it doesn't work out with her - even if it's years from now - bring her home to me and I will take care of her. We got home around 10-11pm-ish I think.

Then - today - well, today I'm at work. Tonight I have to go to the store for some things I forgot in my power-shopping trip on Friday.

I hope to have Christmas cards out by this next weekend - but I still have to buy stamps - take photos, print photos and assemble cards that it may be doubtful. I want my packages mailed by this coming weekend also. AGH! So much stuff to do.

But shopping is done and wrapping is almost done! Yay!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... doing lots of stuff, huh? Your package will be sent UPS on Monday. It is only a partial shipment. Sort-of Christmas fun box. Other items are on back order and gift certs will come in cards. Hope to get them off Monday or Tuesday also. Haven't gotten decorations up yet. Will do that this week I hope. Didn't know about the MRI.... what were they trying to look at? Let me know. Love you, MOM

12/04/2005 08:54:00 PM  

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