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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm annoyed! AKA: fair warning - moan and groan ahead.

I haven't had a runny nose in months - just severe headaches. So the bloody doctors put me on anti-biotics because I have a painless sinus infection - right? So - the past 6 or 7 days I've been battling the runniest nose ever and my headaches are not gone yet. Bloody doctors. Although I did find that a yeast problem I've been battling for a while now is finally resolved. Yeah - TMI - sorry.

(Yes, I've been watching BBC too bloody much. I just can't get enough - Brits have the best senses of humor. It's quite funny to hear me say it actually - I have just a mite of a southern accent and then I say "bloody" and people look at me weird. LOL! I almost feel like I should put on my proper self and ask if they would care for some Tea and Crumpets? Speaking of which - what ARE crumpets anyhow?)

Also - painful shot hand is still sore. It's been two weeks. I'll bet he poked some ligaments or something trying to get the bloody vein. (HA! A pun!) It's lesssening though - not by much - but enough to be slightly encouraging. Still hard to squeeze anything in that hand. (SHUT UP - I was talking about the pickle jar with the stuck lid! Was too. Shut. UP.)

So - whine whine, moan moan, owie owie. All done now. Thanks for reading!


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