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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh - what a day

Saturday was a typical crazy day in my household. It went something like this:

DH got up, got the kids going, got ready for his job and went to work. I baked a cake for youngest while he was gone and put on a few of the 24 ornament bows. All the kids got ready to go (except shoes) and I got dressed. Did some dishes. Did a couple more bows.

DH came home - Scarfed a quick sandwich while the kids put on shoes and then we all piled into the car and drove an hour to the nearest Build-a-Bear. Youngest wanted the pink poodle a year ago and we naively promised that on her birthday she would get one. HA! HAAAAAA! Next Build-a-bear trip will be AFTER Christmas. I SWEAR.

The mall was so busy you would not believe. There was a line of cars at the highway exit (The mall is right by the exit) waiting to get into the darn thing. At least 100 cars - maybe more. It was pouring down rain - there were NO parking spots - and by none I mean - actually NONE. People were driving over the curbs to park on the grass. It was an OMG busy day at the mall. I think they were way over their people limit for the building. We finally found a car spot on the roof of the parking garage - miles away from the elevator to the mall - but it was one of those - AHA moments so we took the spot. Everyone raced to the elevator - and we only got halfway soaked. Top soaked from rain, bottom soaked from splashing. The middle stayed pretty dry.

At Build-a-Bear, they were in the midst of not one but TWO birthday parties. One was finishing when we entered and another one was beginning. Thank GOODNESS youngest is not a difficult decision maker. The longest part of it all was the line. And trying not to tromp on all the other kids who kept mashing into our butts trying to make the line move faster. I will NEVER hold a party there - it's Waaaay too small and they don't have a designated party area - 3 and 4 year olds were practically unsupervised and all over the store. They NEED a party area.

So - we got the poodle and went to the restaraunt - ate a wonderful dinner (this place is AMAZING - if any of you come to Florida, I am SO taking you there - it's Italian and the food is to DIE for. I've never had a bad meal - Ever) We beat the rush by about 30 minutes and they sang to Natalie for her birthday. She was very happy.

Drove home in time for DH to leave on another job. I did the rest of the bows. Settled Firstborn on the computer - settled Middlechild and youngest in front of a movie. Gave the kids a snack and lectured them about doors and phones while I was gone.

Went to the party - had a great time. Kids only called once and that was because they wanted another snack. Dh got home an hour after I left so Firstborn was disappointed about not earning a lot of babysitting money. (Cate - they were still talking about that stupid little penguin at the party. They loved it so much! I can't thank you enough for that poem - you so totally bailed me out!) I met another crafty lady at the party I had known for a long time but never really talked to - it turns out that she is my crafter-twin. We are going to get together and do crafts.

After the party, got home in time to break up a dog/cat fight. The cats are for some reason being unusually hostile towards the dogs - I'm not quite sure why. Sometimes the cats fight among themselves and sometimes they attack the dogs. All appear to be healthy and feeling fine so it's not something medical - closest I can think is that the cats want to be able to be out in the living room and not be chased by Coco. One cat is never chased, and that's because he never runs. The others are chased regularly but I yell at Coco and shortly after chasing, the cats are back out so I never thought anything of it. Ideas?

Anyhow, I showed off the ornaments (some nice ones and some wacky ones this year - LOL!) while Middlechild inspected Dixie who appeared to have gotten the worst of it. Well - she did get the worst of it this time. Had a nasty laceration in her armpit that would not stay closed and it was quite gross. So - 11pm at night DH and I are driving her to the nearest vet that is open at night for this kind of thing (40min away) and now she has an anti-biotic to take and several staples and an astro-dog collar.

Got home arount 1am. DH and I figured Dixie would survive without the staples but Middlechild was wigging out and it's her dog and we did have a little bit of extra cash (not anymore!) and it was really really gross so it wasn't hard to decide to take her. I think we took her more for Middlechild's benefit than Dixie's benefit though. Middlechild was so stressed the entire time - they didn't want her to come back to the room, but I made them let her - if she couldn't go back then she would probably pitch a fit. Plus Dixie is such a sweet dog and so small shes easily controlled. She weighs exactly 6 pounds by the way. Middlechild was so relieved when we got back to the car she slept the entire way home - fell asleep holding her dog within minutes - whereas she was bouncing all over the place on the way to the vet talking about amutations and casts and infections. (What can I say - she's definitely my daughter)

Anyway - home at 1, got to sleep at 2am and back up at 7 to go to work. I slept so hard that the book was still in my lap and my glasses were on and I was still practically sitting up when my alarm went off this morning. (I have to read to fall asleep)

Doing the cake after dinner tonight. Wasn't any time yesterday. So tired.

I'll post some photos later on.


Blogger Cate said...

I don't know why, but your posts about everything happening at such a break-neck pace actually put me more in the Christmas spirit. Probably because that's the way it used to be at our house before my kids grew up. Believe it or not, you'll miss it one of these days.

It tickled me that people remembered the penguins and the poem. Those penguins were dog-gone cute!

The doggie picture was so-o-o cute. Poor thing, how long does he have to wear the collar?

12/18/2005 06:37:00 PM  

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