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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tirade with random thoughts

I'm a little grumpy with a family "friend". I'll get over it but in the meantime I'm a tiny bit miffed. Okay fine, you are right - I'm insulted and I'm avoiding that person for a while till I feel I can take more of it.

1) Firstborn went over there to visit for the day. We called to collect him at 5, but they wanted to have him eat over there, so we let him. Then we called to collect him at 8pmish, but they had just put in a movie and wanted him to stay until it was over. They told DH they would drop him off afterwards. So.... 11pm rolls around and I'm getting ready to call them and ask how long the movie is and is everything okay when Firstborn comes through the door all upset that we didn't pick him up. He said they were all waiting for us to arrive to get him. Irritating. That's not what they told us.
2) I watched this family's dog for them while they went to Disney for 4 days. Right before they bring the dog by - she tells me the dog has worms and she just gave the dog it's worming medecine. Um, THAAAAAAAAAAANKS. Just cause you think my carpet is crappy doesn't mean I like to scrub runny wormy poop out of it. I have to live with it for a while longer before I replace it. Money ya know - it's such a neccesity.
3) I invited this family over for thanksgiving dinner. They declined and indicated they would be going to a restaraunt for thanksgiving. Sure, no problem. Later on I find out they didn't go anywhere and she was complaining to me about being so alone on Thanksgiving.
4) I brought pies over to this person's house (at her insistence - she nagged me for two weeks telling me that she wanted to do a get-together over dessert) and the whole time she's there she's complaining about storebought pie crust and how it's too salty and she doesn't like it. I notice she's not eating the pie crust from my pies so I apologize because I used store bought pie crust (I had NO time to make homemade and get the pies over there in time - I work too darn much) and she says for me not to worry because everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
5) For the Company Christmas party this year I was going to have Firstborn babysit for a couple hours. She insisted that she wanted Firstborn to come over that night. I kept telling her we had plans and finally I told her if she took Firstborn she would have to take all the kids. She agreed. We dropped them off and went to the party. I had a wonderful time. Came to pick up the kids and turned out my kids misbehaved while they were unsupervised and playing "tag" in the dark. (She allowed the game! She okayed it!) Um, okay - My kids are fine on their own. You put my kids with a bunch of other kids, things are going to get crazy, add a game of indoor tag and you will probably have problems, and put both of those together and turn off the lights and someone will get hurt. Someone did, one of hers. She just couldn't understand it because apparently her kids do just fine when they are permitted to do that. I apologized profusely but she wouldn't even accept the apology - she just kept saying it was her own kids fault that mine were fine it was her own kids fault. I disagree entirely - the blame lies somewhere else entirely but what's done is done. I tried to apologize.
6) She's offered to have me come over and help her make sugar cookies but the last time I came over and helped with anything I did the whole thing while she talked to all the kids. Then she got sad when I started to take my share of the items. I'm ducking this, I've made excuses a couple times and I'm just plain not bringing it up.
7) Each time I get an invitation to go over there and I accept or permit a child to go, it turns out that she or one of hers is sick. I mean puking/fever/runs or really bad headcold type of sick. Um, HELLO! I work? Full time? I just CAN'T get sick. I CAN NOT get sick. Let me re-emphasize - I CAN NOT get sick. I wouldn't DREAM of infecting someone else with my germs or germs from any of my kids. I mean - that's just so RUDE.

I think if I had my way I would not be friends with this person. I find her to be condescending and insensitive. I think she wants to be sincere and nice but maybe doesn't know how. She's significantly older than I am even though our kids are the same ages - and I think that is part of the problem. Oh well. Cest la vie.

ouch! Okay I started to jot down random thoughts and this has turned into a tirade. I had no intention of it doing that. I guess when I just start letting things go - it ALL goes. This person hasn't even been weighing on my mind particularly heavily either. Hummmmm


well here's the rest of my "random thoughtness". I will have to retitle this post from plain "random thoughts" to "Tirade with random thoughts"

It seems as if my troll has disappeared for a while. Been wondering about that person - was it fun making rude comments? It was fun replying to them. LOL! I'm also curious as to what cheesed this person off. Was it really an opinion of mine?

Here is an interesting website. The guy doing this is very wealthy now - all he wanted was money for school - now he won't need to go to school. Such a clever marketing gimmick. See if you can find Waldo. He stays in the same place every time but I have to look and look each time I want to find him. LOL! FYI It tells you to click him, but the click isn't very rewarding. :) I gotta think of somethign like this.

New tree is up and all broken bulbs replaced thanks to DH who found one by accident when he shocked the crap out of himself. The tree looks great - DH says it's a little thin but I didn't fluff up any branches or decorate it so yeah it will look a little thin. It's large enough that I think I might be able to use all the ornaments I want to next year. DH says he has no idea where I will put the tree. I just laughed. I told him this tree is going in the living room in front of the window next year. He started telling me aobut the sectional couch we have in there now that blocks that area and I told him that by Christmas next year I will ahve some new living room furniture. :) Now I just need to pack the tree up again.

I haven't been posting recently because I have fallen into the game otherwise known as Sim-Crack. It's so stupidly addicting. Here - read about my Richardson family: Although Danielle and Benjamin just had baby Beau and a new little youngster is on the way, they recently remodeled their home from the ground up. For Christmas Benjamin bought Danielle an exercize machine. I wonder if he's trying to tell her something? And what's with the "friend" he keeps bringing home from work? She's a little bit too comfortable with Benjamin. Is Danielle's illness going to affect the baby?

See what I mean? HA! That's some good stuff right there.


Blogger Cate said...

Karry, I always love reading your posts, so lay off the Sims and write! The person you were tirading about sounds like she's a little odd, to put it mildly. I don't blame you for needing to blow off steam.

Hope you have a great New Year!

12/31/2005 12:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Honey, Why do you mess with people like this... I would dump her... she is no friend. Staying home for New year's Eve... Will probalby watch a movie. So I will wish you a Happy New Year! Next year will be much better, Lord willing. Love MOM

12/31/2005 05:02:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

Don't get me wrong - I really do like her, I think she's a very good person. I think she wants to be friends, I'm not so sure she has any idea how. All this is probably unintentional - she's a bit scatterbrained (okay, a lot) and I have to keep reminding myself it's just a different type of personality than what I am used to. (And I talk to a LOT of people in my line of work!)

I don't know. It completely wears me out and I'm not even near her a lot. I don't think I could take it. I'm a say what I mean, stick to my word kind of person and I'm getting the idea that maybe she's not so much.

I do have a great time talking to her sometimes - and she's really wanting help with crafts - which plays on my major weaknesses: teaching and crafting.

I just want to strangle her sometimes. That's normal, right? LOL!

We don't really have a whole lot of choice in the matter of friendship - she's got to be nice to me as much as I have to be nice to her. I'm sure we will figure eachother out and we will get along better. :) I hope.....

1/01/2006 01:22:00 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

It's okay to tirade! Blogs are our personal forums to tirade.

As far as annoying person goes, I guess all I can offer is you got to take a personal inventory when dealing with her. Do you feel bad after being there? Do you dread hanging out with her? Know your limits as to what your tolerance of her behavior is. As you well know I had to cut someone out of my life that I had been friends with for YEARS. People walk all over us as much as we let them. I would let your kids know under no circumstances you can afford to get sick, and if they are invited over there not to get their expectations up for staying there if one of their kids are sick. Walk you child back home upon learning someone is sick there. Maybe she'll "get it" after a while. I always thought people have a certain amount of common sense, but I have been mistaken!

1/01/2006 06:32:00 PM  

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