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Friday, January 06, 2006

Agony and nerd-dom

I am back to my exCRUciating headaches again. I'm thinking it might be sinus related because I had an allergy fit today while driving to work in surprisingly little traffic. Digression: I think everyone was afraid to be near me because the car wobbled (if my tank of a mercedes can wobble) every time I sneezed and I spent the whole trip to work sneezing my brains out and trying not to close my eyes yet retain my eyes in their sockets. (ah-CHEE..... ah-CHUH.... ah-BLBBLB) ANYhow - lots of pain today - tylenol isn't working for it and I can't take aspirin or ibuprofen because it reacts with my TGN drug that I'm taking and that I've decided is next to useless. Which, by the way, isn't helping me at all today either. Surprise! So - sinus pain? maybe it is. I asked the doctor for a non-drowsy allergy pill. I think he's going to call in a script of Zyrtec later today. I hope it helps.

I visited the dollar store last night so I could get some plastic tablecloths to make one of these. I want to make my own version of star wars or cartoon or something I'm not sure what - but when I saw the website I knew I had to make one because - OH_MY_GOSH the fun you can have with a blue screen!

I can't wait for this weekend.


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