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Monday, January 02, 2006


It is freaking HOT in this house. I had the windows open today because it was mid 70s and breezy - my favorite kind of temperature - but then it rained and it got warmer after the rain - och the heat, the humidity... I had to turn the air back on again. Remind me again why I like Florida? Oh yes - it's JANUARY and I had my windows open. Yay! Go Florida!

Firstborn's new upper lip hairs were driving me insane so I took him into the bathroom last night and showed him how to shave. I didn't do bad considering I have ZERO experience with facial shaving. (The chin-hair-plucking doesn't count) I had been asking DH to show him how and asking and asking but DH always put it off and finally I just did it. I told him to put the lather on thickly to raise the hair so he had a white/green gel moustache about an inch thick when next I looked at him. It was too funny. He accomplished this shaving without much to-do or fanfare (IE: No great gouts of blood sprayed anywhere) and asked about the aftershave. I told him how and why it was used, but suggested he be careful until he's comfortable with shaving cause we all remember the Home Alone kid. Firstborn laughed at that and said he'd pass on the aftershave.

I'm so old.

I'm showing my age in other ways also. Dh and I were listening to firecrackers being set off by some neighbors the other night and we were rather annoyed because they were ruining a rather nice and peaceful night and I had to close some windows. I was worrying about whether they were too close to us and whether our insurance covered accidental fires when I said "I wish they wouldn't do that - it's just not safe". DH looked at me and I looked back at him, then we both laughed. I told him "Yeah, I'm just getting to be an old fart aren't I?"

I worked on Sunday - was a quiet day I got a lot of testing done. On my way home there was an old lady standing at the entrance to the parking lot, holding a small grocery bag and kind of shuffling around wearing slippers, a filthy green dress, a worn purple housecoat with boa fringe and looking lost. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she wasn't - she needed a ride home. Turns out she had apparently walked all the way from her home to the grocery store to get food and just pooped out while walking home. I told her to get in and I took her as close to her house as she would let me - she didn't want me taking her directly to it. That was understandable because you never know what anyone is like these days. It was amazing how far she actually walked. Must have been 5 or 6 miles. She could only move at a shuffle too - I think it took her all day long. She told me her name was Angelina, but goes by Ann or "A". The oddest part of it all was when I dropped her off, she told me to make a wish for something and she'd put a word in for me at church. She cautioned against wishing for money because that never happens but anything else was okay. Then she smiled and waved and by the time I drove a little and looked in the rearview, she was gone.

I'm not a hugely religious person, but I remember stories somewhere in the Bible about angels visiting us on Earth to test us and I sometimes wonder if she was one of those angels? Interesting to think about anyhow.*

Onward with the obligatory resolutions:

1) I resolve to content myself with my work - I will strive to do well with all tasks given to me and if no promotion ever comes, then so be it.
2) I resolve to go camping in the coming year - at least once, maybe twice.
3) I resolve to eat healthier and smaller portions so that I might lose some of my additional baggage.
4) I resolve to take Hurricane season with a grain of salt because it's January and tropical storm Zeta is out there. Hurricane season will just never end and that's all there is to it. I will content myself with this.
5) I will scream less, and play with the kids more.
6) I will write more letters
7) I will seek the good in everything - even people and things and events that annoy me.
8) I will cle.... I will clea..... [gulp] I will cleahhhhhh, Aw shucks, I will clean house more often.
9) I will purge all things that I have not used in the past 3 years (I know it's supposed to be 12 months, but help me out here - I have to ease into this) and I will properly store those items that are too sentimental to purge.
10) I will clean my closet. And folks - it's a deep walk-in with only the first 6 inches for standing room. That's going to take me a week to do.

I am sure I will think of more but that's all I'm going to try to stick to.

*I did make a wish, ,it was not for money and was not for me. That's all I'm sayin'.


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