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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Firstborn and the alarm clock

Firstborn has a history of abusing alarm clocks. He will whack them, let them fall behind the bed or pile things on top of them. As a result he rarely if ever hears the alarm and is always racing to get ready for school. Not this year though... This year he has learned that he has to hustle himself off to the bus stop in the morning because there is NO WAY momma is going to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to yell at him. School is approximately 2 miles away on foot and missing the bus two or three times per week HAD TO STOP. So - he's walked that two mile stretch many times. Sometimes, if I've had enough sleep, he can sweet talk me into driving him there, but usually it's just a sleep slurred response "Ya-misha bus? berr get wokkin". Yesterday, was one of those days. After he got home from school I discussed the alarm clock with him:

Me: Why did you miss the bus today?
Him: My alarm didn't go off
Me: (thinking he forgot to set the alarm) Did you set your alarm?
Him: (dramatic sigh) Yes mom
Me: Did you have it set to the radio or the beeping?
Him: I set it to the beeping
Me: What time did you set the alarm?
Him: I set it for five....
Me: Well if you are sleeping through it then you will probably need to start going to bed earlier - I can let you know when it's 8:30....
Him: NO MOM! It's not that!
Me: Well, ,what is it then? There's got to be a reason you didn't hear it.
Him: There is
ME: Well? If you didn't hear it, and it was set, what else could it be?
Him: I set it for Five PEEE-EMMMM. It really didn't go off this morning.


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