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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Geek linkage

I googled up some cool things because I wanted to start doing a "today's find" at the end of all my posts, but dang I found so much stuff I just gotta post a bunch here. So much nice geekage stuff I could hardly contain myself!

Cubed eggs! This would be really cool to play with. Apparently you just stick the egg in and screw it until it's cubed. Conform you dern egg! CONFORM!

A duck press! This oddity is supposed to squeeze all the juice out of roasted duck flesh so you can put the squeezed out juice back ... um, on the meat you squeezed it out of? Also, the webbed feet on this thing make it a bit creepy.

Dork tags! You've heard of dog tags, well, now there's Dork tags! I want the "Freak" one as a keychain. Hahaha!

Pixel art with perler beads. This has a complete how-to and some neat photos. If you ever played 8bit games, this is definitely for you. I've got some of these in the garage - I need to make a Mario - but maybe one of the mushroom guys would be neater to do - I could probably make it in 3-d...... hmmm.

Scrollbar scarf! This looks real neat in most of the images - but theres a shot of one on a model which clearly illustrates the assembly and it's not as neat as I thought it was - but still geektastic - go check it out! I almost wish I could knit or crochet.....

Advertising toiletpaper! Okay - this isn't geeky, it's just weird. Why you'd want your ad in someone's nether regions I wouldn't have the slightest clue - but obviously there's a demand for it *somewhere* because there's a place that makes it. Jen - you should have ordered some custom paper for the sharf you made. Hahaha!


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