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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Girl puppy is back home

I wasn't surprised when they called and asked to bring her back. Apparently there were some issues with worming her and not being successful at it - as well as plenty of accidents. Officially the reason is that nobody would care for her and the mom refused to do it all herself. So she's home. I wormed her right when she came home and she's fine now. I also haven't seen an accident one from her. Last night there were a few - but that was because I gave ehr worming liquid and then shut her up in the bathroom with a puppy pad. so she wouldn't spread them to my other dogs. She made an effort to go on the pad - and for me making an effort is okay. She's getting the idea. Plus - someone gives you something that makes you gotta go poo, you might not be able to hold it till you reach the pad either. Tile scrubs easily.

I will be keeping her for one week to be sure there's no other worm problems and DH would like to keep her one week after that - but then she needs to get homed. I can't keep her. I just can't. The neighbor was thinking about a dog to make noise because she lives all alone and she's worred about our new - slightly unsavory - neighbors at the end of the road. I worry about them too so mostly I just smile and wave - and when they have parties I just lock my windows and cars. I may offer the puppy to her.

By the way - I need to take a picture of that puppy - she looks like a bat-winged dog. Her ears are HUGE and they stand straight up. They are like two tiny radar dishes on her head. Hahaha!

I'm exhausted.... Night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could take her. She is just the kind of pup that I would like. How come they didn't crate her? That makes it easy to train a pup. Wish I could be there. I have a terrible head cold. Roy is doing better. Will talk later. Love MOM

1/05/2006 12:04:00 PM  

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