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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wooo - it's 2006! Happy new year! Wait, I already said that. Hoooookay then.

I sent off a bunch of things to a family that needed them via Freecycle today (I should say "last year" Hahaha). That freed up a large amount of space in my Garage and I got rid of some Christmas things that were too nice to just toss, too sentimental to give to just anyone (like goodwill), and too bulky to keep storing year after year. Also - SCORE for me - I repacked that Christmas tree back into it's original box - WITH ROOM TO SPARE. Can I get a hallelujiah? Can I get an Ahhhhmen? Praise Jaysus!

I'm also pleased - I scored a good Christmas gift for DH that was NOT a book or a computer game or food. I found one of these things in the store by accident and because DH likes 3-D things, and maps, and puzzles, I got it - but I was a little bit worried he would not like it. Turns out he does! He's putting in the final couple pieces tonight. I need to buy more of these.


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