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Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm in a dry spell

sorry for not posting often. I just can't think of anything to write. That's actually a good thing - it means my life is settling down and is becoming uneventful. Yay! Go me! Although - I did get to be late to work this morning due to the weather. It wasn't raining or windy or anything other than crystal blue skies and puffy white clouds and a gentle breeze, but I still got to be late. See, I drive a diesel car. Nothing wrong or even unusual with that. But - this isn't southern florida. We get frost. And last night there was a frost. Whish also isn't bad or unusual, with a diesel, you either let it run all night long to stay warm, or you plug in the engine block. I did neither. (What, ,freeze? tonight? It's 70 degrees outside! You are nuts!) So - the car was really REALLY cold this morning. It takes a lot of juice to turn over the engine of a cold nearly frozen diesel. I drained the battery trying to start it. Took a half hour after DH plugged it in and attached the battery charger/engine starter to the car before it would work.

Calling in to work because the car is frozen "Hi! I'm going to be late today, my car is really cold" is just one level above calling in blind "Hi! I wont' be at work today - I just can't see coming in"

Fortunately they believed me and I wasn't too late. :)
Youngest handed me the cutest (Read keeeeeee-yew-test) schoolwork the other day. It was an art project related to the science chapter they are working on. They are studying the senses, and that week was the sense of touch. She had glued some items to construction paper and described their texture:

a poofy pink pompom: fussy
sandpaper square: sccatdhy
a foam flower shape: softe
a wooden star: hard (But it looked as if the r was a converted "i")

I totally LOVE it! The typos are what make it great.
Firstborn got into a fight at the bus stop yesterday morning. One of his former friends was taunting him and when Firstborn started walking away, he was kicked in the shin by this kid. Firstborn lost it and punched the kid in the stomach. End of fight. But wait, there's more. After school, on the same bus, the kid tells Firstborn he wants a rematch when they exit the bus. The kid was picked up at the bus stop so no rematch. Firstborn called me that afternoon at work and asked me what he should do if the kid tries to fight again. (I'm so proud! He feels like he can talk to me about these thigns!) I told him to do his best to ignore any taunts and even if the kid tries to fight, he should just walk away. Firstborn asked if he had to run away - I told him not unless he wants to run. He told me he would rather walk - he didn't want to run because that would make him look like he was weak and a chicken. (I can understand this, I remember being that age) I asked him if he wanted me to talk to the boy's parents, but he said no, he didn't think it had gone that far yet and he would just wait it out. So far, ,nothing. This boy is one of the nicer kids in the neighborhood (I was surprised when I heard this story) and I think is jealous of Firstborn's friendship. (Firstborn hasn't hung out there much since another kid moved into the neighborhood) I told Firstborn what I thought and asked him to try to be nice to the kid, because the kid probably wants to be friends again but isn't sure how to do it. Firstborn said he would try.

He's a good kid. He surprises me all the time with how thoughtful he is.
Middlechild is learning how to play the recorder at school. I wish she'd practice at schoool too becasue she decides that bedtime is the perfect time to practice it. She does it quietly so I don't hear it over the TV but Fristborn will come barreling down the hallway in a rage saying "MOM! I can't sleep! That girl will not SHUT THAT THING UP! TELL her to give the recorder to you. PLEASE." He's to infuriated it's funny and really hard not to laugh at him. He's trying to look like a raging bull - glaring at me with his head lowered, shorting and huffing and gritting his teeth, fists all balled up and oh- the great restraint this martyr has! What restraint! To me, he looks more like a cat that just got doused with a hose. Pissed, but funny looking. I wind up running interference then because middlechild will hear what he said and whine "He's lying! I'm not making any noise". It's usually solved by insisting on having the recorder given to me and then all go to sleep.

Man - this is really crappy writing. I usually do better than this and can make it flow a little better. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better next post. Here - click here and forget my crappiness in a sea of cute!


Blogger Cate said...

Great post! But I clicked on the 'cute' link and now I want a hamster. Hub would have a fit.

1/20/2006 06:10:00 PM  

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