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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Need ideas

I have some things that I'm itching to make into something else, but I can't think of anything. I know there has to be some clever and interestign ideas for these objects, but I can't think of any.....

1) Old spice bottles. Some plastic, some glass. Some tall, some short.
2) TicTac boxes. I have a million of 'em. I used some to sort beads, but they are still coming out my ears.
3) Old cd's. I made ornaments out of some of them and have another weird wreath type ornament in mind but surely there is more I can do.
4) Old records. I have about 5 or 6 of these laying about
5) Jumbo size pinecones. These are HUUUUUGE - like about 8-9 inches long and 4-5 inches wide. I have maybe 6-8 of them and know where to get more.
6) box of assorted acorns and acorn caps. I wanted to make painted acorn ornaments one year but I didn't get the caps to stick on the acorns really well and I never pursued it further. Still have 'em.
7) bag of floofy cream colored feathers and smaller bag of 4 inch long dyed "indian" feathers.
8) miscellaneous seashells. I have these in GREAT QUANTITIES. I am a compulsive shell picker-upper when I go to the beach.

If you have any ideas - particularly for the TicTac containers, shells, or acorns, - I would really love to hear them!

I was thinking of using the TicTac containers as next years ornaments and putting "things" in it to represent all the various "mints" around the holidays like "excite-mint" and..... well.... that's actually all I have right now but I'll keep working on it. :)
Today's "cool find of the day" is here. I remember many many summers spent hoarding pennies and dimes for a Blo Pop. Green ones turned your tongue green and grape turned it black. My favorites were the cherry and strawberry ones because it was two things in one - cherry red lips plus great candy. LOL! I have a tube of grape Blow Pop lip gloss right now that I absolutely ADORE. I also found that they make gummi bear scents and Ho Ho scents and so many others that you can hardly count them.

Edit - Um, I've seen some pretty weird types of lip balm - but chicken poop? I'll pass on this one.


Blogger Jen said...

Thanks for posting the link to the lip glosses! My sister gave me Wash Away Your Sins in cheap communion wine flavor by Blue Q.

1/10/2006 11:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen the Chicken Poop at Walgreens check-out counter- I always look at it- never buy it. Looks like someone does tho, the website you gave is sold out of it. Hmmmm


1/11/2006 08:48:00 AM  
Blogger Karry said...


1/11/2006 07:15:00 PM  

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