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Monday, January 16, 2006

ooooo lookit this

**Caution! Links to very large amount of images!

I so totally need to make this. (Or something like this one which is different but still cool) The hobbit hole is too awesome for words. I just spent the better part of an hour and a half just peering into the photos trying to see all the detail. Photos in better light and some of the thing in progress can be found here. WOW. And I must say - the book case! The book case! (second photo down) SQUEEEE! I need to make my bookcase into something like this.

I've also seen little rooms carved into real actual books too so you open the book and there's this whole little room inside - I forget where I found that - probably Craftster. Which is an awesome site by the way if you are remotely twisted and crafty. Check out the turkey tote bag! I wish I had the patience to knit and/or crochet.


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