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Monday, January 30, 2006

Recipe for evening entertainment

1 - Forgotten comforter in the middle of the living room floor
1 - dog that likes to burrow and hide in soft warm things
1 - cat that is interested in twitchy fabric
1 - cheap vented hairbrush
1 - ricochet wall

Instruct children to forget to bring their comforter back to their bedroom. Ensure it is wadded up somewhere towards the middle of the room, yet not too far from a wall. Allow little blind doggie to burrow deeply into the blanket. Allow cat to walk by and attempt to make a nest - only to leap off in horror when the nest moves. Hold breath as cat stares intently at the moving blanket - his tail twitching animatedly. Ever so silently grasp hairbrush from living room end table. Pause when the cat glances at you. Smirk to yourself at your plans - this is going to be good. Wait until the cat is completely and utterly absorbed with watchign the twitching blanket. Watch as the cat gently reaches out a paw to prod the moving mound of blanket and then FLING the hairbrush at the wall, making a loud clatter and ricocheting the brush into the blanket! Sit back in gales of laughter as the cat does a flying reverse somersalt with legs splayed and fur fluffed out like he was electrified. Chortle with glee as the blanket leaps up like a multi-colored and Poohbear printed ghost. Hold your sides when both animals pretend nothing happened and they didn't nearly wet themselves.

Serves 1 observer, leftovers will serve any number of people willing to listen.


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