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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Zyrtec day #1

Picked up the prescription last night - I was breathing fine when I got it - breathing fine when I took the pill (it's a once-a-day pill) and I slept fine...... I'm still experiencing Constant-headache-of-doom but the sharp stabbing pains were possibly lessened, maybe, sort-of.

Tylenol eases the pain slightly - but within 6 hours I'm hurting again.

I'm also weaning back off the TGN drug (I may have said this before?) cause I hate it and think it's useless and unneccesary. Dr. SmartGuy said I could attempt to do this so I am doing it - but might have to go back to my previous dosage (and all the loopiness it brings) if the allergy pills don't work.

I hate this. But it's only day 1 with the allergy pill - I'm going to give it a week before going back to the previous dosage and hollering for the doctor to do more tests because THIS SUCKS! I want it fixed and I don't want pills the rest of my life. WAAAAAHHHHHH!

This morning I nearly got hit about a million plus one times in the car on the way to work. The most scary was when I backed up my car almost into the side of a construction truck (he wasn't there when I looked the first time - but then he suddenly was.) I think if his truck was any color other than Georgia clay red I'd have smacked into him. I also heard many various screams and yells as I backed up that came from the construction crew across the street - they were muffled because my car (read: tank) has good sound muffling capabilities. Because I didn't feel a bump or thud, I'm hoping I didn't run anyone over..... but I do suspect that they won't try to park directly in front of my driveway again - particularly when I am in the middle of backing out.

Um, I had another funny/not funny (depending on your mood when you read this) thing to say but I can't remember it so it must not have been all that funny. If I think of it I promise I'll post again - but don't hold your breath because once it leaves my mind, it's usually gone.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to take Zyrtec and it worked wonders but made me VERY tired all the time.. beware.

1/10/2006 04:51:00 PM  

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