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Friday, February 03, 2006

Mess with Firstborn Pt 2

Well, we went over to see NiceKid's parents and we hashed the whole thing out with both kids present. It seems that NiceKid was blowing some comments by third parties out of proportion and attributing things to Firstborn that Firstborn neither said nor did. Firstborn was doing the same. We made them shake hands and agree to be polite to eachother. We can't force them to be friends, but common courtesy should be expected and I think so far it's working. I need to stop by again to ask NiceKid's parents what their take on it is since we talked. Firstborn says all is well and nobody says anything about them anymore because it was all over the school that we had our discussion. However, I know that what I get from firstborn is often skewed and incomplete.....

In other news, the entire family (except Firstborn - go figure) has a terrible head cold. Most of us have been doing nothing other than sleep lately.

In yet other news - I heard through the grapevine that a position at work would be opening up that would be perfect for me. I've heard this before and it never materialized so I didn't hold my breath, but Wednesday they posted the job. Of course that was the day I stayed home sick. I got back on Thursday and saw it and replied as soon as I could. There's a mini-interview today and I need to turn in some examples of my technical writing which makes me nervous because the person I need to turn them in to is notoriously Hard To Please. HTP is a wonderful co-worker and boss type person, but wow, I've never been able to write to her specs because there is always something wrong with it. I even had to tell her I couldn't revise a particular document once, because the changes she thought I should make to it would not suit the intended reader. Changes were good ideas, I have to say that, and honestly I would have added them if the document weren't so limited in scope and distribution.... It about killed me to tell her she was wrong because I feel like an ant under a microscope when I work with her. All it would take is a flashlight through the magnifying lens to fry me. To this day I don't know if that was a good or bad thing to do. I haven't heard boo about it since I politely told HTP that while the ideas were valid, they did not apply.

The grapevine has it that I'm a shoo-in for this job. I'm not so sure - I know who else applied for it and there are some very good candidates there. DH is happy for me and thinks I will get it, I'm pleased at the opportunity too. His concern is that it would be a salaried position and therefore no overtime. I know what my minimum salary must be so today perhaps we will discuss it. I'm hoping for a slight raise.... but perhaps there won't be. It's a lateral move for me so there is a chance that I won't take the job even if I am selected. I believe Salary would be the clincher.

Anyhow - I'm happy and nervous all at the same time. Keep your fingers crossed!


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