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Thursday, February 16, 2006

No news means all is well

I am having a hard time thinking of things to post, I'm sure you have noticed recently how my posts are starting to slack. It's a good thing really, it means I am having no crises. Yay! My life is somewhat normal right now!

On the downside, a normal life brings no blog fodder so what to write what to write?

Firstborn iss till recovering from his cold. He's still sick, but I noticed that he's not as crabby as before so that means he's on the mend.

Middlechild is still refusing to do her chores, and I'm not there often enough to make her do it so that's an ongoing battle.

Youngest was refusing to read things to me - but I finally convinced her that reading is good. It took an evening being grounded for refusing to make an effort at it before she tried, and now that she's tried and discovered she can, that girl reads EVERYTHING.

I wanted to strangle the dogs this morning. Firstborn didn't take them out so I had to do it. They were outside for the standard 5 minutes when most were ready to come back in. So I called the other two that were wandering and they just stood there looking at me like "Whadda you want?" and then kept wandering. I waited another 5 minutes while they wandered and finally found a place to lay down when I called them again. Again they looked at me like "Huh?" and went back to what they were doing. Stubborn little boogers.... I was starting to run late for work so I finally just left them outside. I figured they were on chains and they would bark when they wanted in and DH would do it.

Nothing much else is up. Sorry....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have never know you to be at a loss for words. What ever happened with oldest and the friend situation. Middle child...hummmm! sounds familiar to me like I have done that before about 25 years before???? maybe? Glad youngest is reading, she has a book worm for a mom & dad. I never was much of a reader. Well... it is late and time for some zzzzzzz's. little brother hasn't called me yet so I don't have any addr to give to you. TTYL Love MOM

2/16/2006 10:14:00 PM  

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