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Friday, February 17, 2006

Tonight my daughter found my blog

She's always knows I wrote andposted on the internet, and she asked me for the web address tonight. I gave it to her and she went rummaging in my archives for some photos. She needed them for her powerpoint presentation. Yes, you read that right. They teach powerpoint to the kids in school now. Um, hello 21st century, didn't know you were there.

Anyway, she was rummaging for photos when I asked her if she ahd completed her chores yet. Of course she didn't.

Let me give you some background to put things into perspective here: We have been battling over folding laundry for about two weeks now. Everyone now trots to the laundry room to find clean underwear and to match themselves a pair of socks. It's nto a bad chore - she only needs to fold one basket of laundry every other day. If she'd do it there's nothign to it but nope - she'd rather rummage for clothing. I had enough and this morning I told her that if it wasn't done by the time I got home from work she would be grounded. I also specified she had to fold everything that has accumulated for the two weeks she has managed to slack off.

Okay - where were we. Yes - after I'm home she's looking at the site and there's folding yet to do. I warned her twice - so she folded a basket with 5 things remaining in it and left the rest. I blew my stack and enforced the grounding. I didn't yell, I didn't scream or wail or anything. I just pointed out that she broke her end of the bargain so I could now ground her. Oh the banging, the wailing the screaming and name calling! Middlechild does not take discipline easily - that's for sure.

Have I ever mentioned that I gave her a spare computer DH and I cobbled together from spare parts for her birthday one year? No? Well - we did and when I sent her to her room, she was all over my site and let me tell you what.... that girl learned how to comment!

HelLO anonymous hate messages!

At first I thought my troll had reappeared, but then I noticed that a lot of comments were telling me how my parenting sucked. Like - on a posts that were talking about NOTHIGN to do with parenting. I got the final clue when she told me I was a "jerck". I knew instantly.

Other mothers can recognise the smell of each child's farts, the smell of their hair, the way a particular fingerprint is smeared on the window.... Me? I recognise my children's typos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! :)
It all comes back doesn't it? It is snowing here. and BERRRRRRRR COLD! 20 degrees. Wind was blowing yesterday and we lost power for 2 hrs. It got pretty cold in the house. Don't you wish you were here? Love MOM

2/18/2006 09:35:00 AM  

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