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Thursday, March 30, 2006

better now

Whoo... dunno what happened but I just went all dizzy, and sleepy and VERY cold and weak. I slept for about 2 hours and I'm better now. I think maybe my blood pressure just bottomed out or something. The dentist said I could double the Lortab if it didn't help and I think I may not be able to take that much so I'm just taking ibuprofen instead. (I confirmed it's okay to have a combo of Ibuprofen, Lortab, Acetaminophen and Aspirin in my system)

Just finished dinner - It took two hours and I couldn't chew so I kind of cut it all super small and sucked it - but it was good. :) Yay - solid food! (I have gauze in my mouth now - so I sound really lispy. If you heard me talk out loud, it would "thound a little wike thith". Everyone at work laughed at my voice - it was funny - my tongue was completely numb - did you know you can't talk or swallow when your tongue is like that? And the right side of my face was saggy from so much novocaine. No nerves = no means of smiling or keeping the mouth shut. LOL! I was quite a sight.

Firstborn isn't feeling too good - I think he has a cold. Might keep him home tomorrow. I dunno if I will be going to work - if I can sleep tonight I probably will.

I have to finish sewing a liner for a basket for a good friend's wedding. It's for cards. Has to be done by Sunday. I'd like to get it done before that though.

Kstorm - thank you so much for the diatomaceous earth suggestion. Right now everything in the house is white - but the flea population is down to maybe 1/100th of what it was before and it's steadily declining. My dogs don't barf it up and my cats aren't going balder than they were from the poison before. It's a slower and dirtier way of controlling them, but the benefits are great - Thank you so much!

And now - I am going to go back to bed - I am going to ice my jaw and get more sleep. It's been a crazy day. I look like a chipmunk and sound like sylvester. Yay me.


Blogger kstorm said...

Excellent - I knew it would work :) It is a little messy but the good thing is you can put it directly on the animals. I found too that after two applications to the house I did not have the fleas come back. I think there may have been just enough residual stuff hanging around after I cleaned up that it kept on killing them.

Oh and it has definately been sugaring weather up here in Vermont this past week. 20s to 30s at night and 50s during the day. I think we may be warming up too much by next week. But I know folks are happy that the sap is running as good as it is. The winter was a bit too warm this year.

3/31/2006 07:04:00 AM  

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