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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I love pain meds

Well, let me qualify that. I only love them when I'm in some serious pain. Today - I will practically WORSHIP my pain meds. Hahaha! I had not one molar removed, but two. One on each side of my mouth. The dentist told me the other would have to go and did I want to have it done at5 the same time? I thought about it - mentally argued with myself (who won? why, I DID of course) and decided to go for it. If I didn't do it right then, while I was in the chair, with the checkboox, and the money in the bank - it woudl wind up waiting another few years and I would be back to where I was this morning.

So - they took them both. Shot me up with so much novocaine that I couldn't feel my eyebrows or my ears and out they came. Not without some cracking and yanking and sawing in half and not one but TWO dentists working in my mouth - but they are out and I DO feel better - the pain I have now is a whole other kind of pain.

meds are wearing off now - I feel nauseous and dizzy. was going to write more but I'm cold. stuff is fuzzy an spinnin
ok by - gota hurl.
more when I can sit up straight....


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