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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I will never be shut of that house

It turns out that we still own land back up in Michigan. Yep - the land we thought we sold three years ago. Apparently it's still ours. Maybe.

Gah! let's start at the beginning. DH and I bought our first house about - oh my - 10 years ago? 9 years? Long time ago anyhow. We purchased it from a church on Land Contract because our credit SUCKED and we couldn't get a loan. So...... There's the huge 200 year old victorian home on one eeensy lot, and a stand-alone garage on the other lot.

We were supposed to combine the lots. You could say that we kind of forgot to do it.

Fast forward about five years. We sold the house to another woman (Just in time to avoid the race riots in the area - I seriously think the only reason the house is still standing today is because we didn't make any enemies and it wa occupied by a tenant of "color". My SIL's house was targeted - just a couple streets away and so were a couple other homes I knew to be occupied by white families. It was not a good part of town either - was so hard to sell the house) ANY WAYS.... We sold the house - and we informed everyone that needed to know that there were two lots involved in the sale.

It's written up that way on the title and closing papers we got from the sale (I dug them up again today) so I'm not so sure if it's our thing or not but I'm still concerned.

Apparently the tax bill never went to the bank but to the church that owned the property before we did. They were just chucking the bills. So..... taxes never got paid. There's about $600 past due on the land right now. The church apparently opened one of the bills just in time to see that the city was taking posession of the property. They notified my realtor, who notified my mother-in-law who notified me. Nobody can get a hold of the homeowner and the mailing address is a PO box in Grand Rapids.

I have no idea if I will have to pay the taxes or not - but DH and I are prepared to do so just in case. The city WILL NOT take that land if it still has my name legally attached to it. Tomorrow morning I'm calling the bank and I'm caling the title company and I'm also calling the county register of Deeds to find out who has the loan if the bank place is now defunct like I suspect it is. (Was a rinky dink little joint out of a rented suite downtown - their website is no longer accessible and their phone number just has a weird busy type signal. It figures.....)

Oh.......... and another thing - I really did a number on my shoulder, remember? Well I had more xrays done on it. I think it is dislocated - kind of. I think that I've torn ligaments or something and now the bones are not seated properly. it still hurts pretty badly although I am back to what I consider normal use of it. I still cannot lift anythign with any weight to it and steering the car still hurts and I still lay flat on my back to sleep not darign to roll over and I can't lift it more than three quarters of the way up but it's not excruciating pain anymore so I consider it progress. I'm off the painkillers now - so that's a good thing - I'm fully coherent in the morning instead of all dopey and drugged. So - in about a week I will be seeing a local bone/muscle doctor guy (There's a name for that kind of doctor but I can't think of it) because my regular physician told me it was just arthritis. Arthritis doesn't just happen suddenly like that. The xrays did nto show arthritis (but that's no reason why I might not have it he says) but he's Dr. SmartGuy so maybe he knows what he's doing and that's fine, but I'm still getting another opinion. Being stuck in bed unable to move because of the pain just once is too much. Poor DH. With his bad back and all he ahd to help me out of the bed - it was awful and something neither of us will care to repeat anytime soon - so I need to get this thing fixed.


I really wish I had Dr. House.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't own it anymore. You have the title and closing papers. It is the fault of the bank supplying the loan to the mortgagee or the realtor. The realtor would lose their licence if the papers were not drawn up correctly. So I don't think that you have anything to fear. Someone failed to record the deed correctly, which I am sure that they will correct. The lady who owns the property or the bank holding the loan is responsibile and I am sure they will pay when they get notified. Why did you have to combine the two lots? They went with the house, there is no need for a combination that I can see. Anyway, that is my two cents. Hope your shoulder is feeling better. Sometimes a pulled tendon can hurt forever it seems. My arm is just now feeling better from last summer. Love MOM

3/28/2006 10:10:00 AM  

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