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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yes, I am still alive.

Last week was crunch time for the first big project at work - and we pulled it off! Sort-of. The auction website we built kept crashing. (they were auctioning off some old used equipment) It was crashing due to high bandwidth... Lovely lovely. I had made a poor choice for a back-end database and when everybody tried to access the site all at once - it tanked. Our IT guys did a fantastic job of resetting it repeatedly.....

Anyhow - that's sucked all the life out of me this week. My department worked about 12 hours per day to get it done. Sometimes more. I was just too pooped to write. I also aggravated my shoulder and it's all achey and twingey again. I don't think that shoulder will ever be right again. Durn Hurricane.

In other news, last Thursday I was interviewed by the local paper for an article about Freecycle (I help run the local Freecycle group). It's due for publication soon - they took my mugshot so maybe my face will be in the paper. :)

Today the kids and I tried to go on a mission of mercy - bringing groceries to a family in need - but the woman didn't give me her phone, and her address was in a trailer park - of course I didn't have the lot number. So - we turn around to go back home and my car died about 20 miles away. Yay me! The kids and I sat in a hot parking lot for an hour while waiting for DH to come help - and when he gets there, we realize in order to jump the darn thing I have to relocate my car. Dh and the kids pushed... and I steered.

My car is a tank. Without juice, power steering didn't work.....

Remember my bum shoulder?

Yeah - so I'm now only able to gingerly move it. It's burning and aching and wahhhhh I'm going to complain some more so that you get sick of reading this. LOL!

Other unrelated tidbits - fleas hate hairspray. And - shipping 25lbs of diatomaceous earth from Vermont is NOT CHEAP, but if it will kill 'em and not make my critters sick, I'm all over it. If it fails - I'll just use it as fertilizer for my garden. (Dear diotomaceous earth deity holy dude, please kill fleas without making my dog vomit)

Oh - and Snyders makes an AWESOME buffalo Wing flavored pretzel chunks. it's my new favorite.

My shoulder hurts - I'm going to try ice... I'll post again later!


Blogger kstorm said...

The DE will work. Although 25 pounds is an awful lot. I usually buy smaller portions - but if you are infested - it certainly won't go to waste.

3/22/2006 11:20:00 AM  

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