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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not sure what to write about so you get random gobbets of the past week.

These painkillers give me the wildest dreams. Oh - and the nurse at the dentist office thought I was nuts when I declined a new pain med script. I stopped in on Thursday to get my tooth/gap/hole packed due to the excruciating pain. They packed it and offered me more pain meds and I told them no. She looked at me like I was nuts. I'm not - however. The pain meds they prescribed are too strong and make me nauseous and dizzy and completely scramble my brain - not to mention the sweats/chills and dry heaves. I'll stick to OTC ibuprofen thanks.

We sprayed again for fleas - the dogs have fewer of them - tis true - and the flea population does seem to be on the decline - but after powderign the house for two weeks we figured we just need poison to kill them and then the powder will keep the eggs from developing. I found a poison that won't drive my dog into vomitous hysterics. Don't laugh - it's lice shampoo. The pyrethrins in there don't react badly with her. Poor poor puppy - she's so itchy and miserable, if this doesn't do it I'm going to take them down to a vet to have them all dipped.

Middlechild still makes me smile - she is predictable. That girl hates to clean her room. She wanted to go to an egg hunt downtown with her friend's family. I told her she could go if she got her room done. Suddenly the egg hunt was stupid and for babies. LOL! I made her clean anyways - and yes she did get to go.

Work is going well - we are startign to get a feel for what the new department was created to do and other departments are understanding what we are supposed to do and how we are to interact with them. Of course - the whiteboard we use to list our projects is running out of space there is so much to do and get done. I find myself researching a nice hotel in the Orlando area to host a big convention type thign in - I'm getting all so excited about that - I love planning parties and events and things like that. I'm also going to be producing recorded classes on our software which ought to be a trip. I can see myself getting halfway through and suddenly having a coughing fit. LOL! I think I love my job even more now that I've been promoted - if that's possible. LOL!

I had another go-round with youngest's teacher. Youngest opted to wear some play clothes to school and as they weren't overly stained or ripped I let her. The teacher made her get a set of clothign from the nurse because she thought there was "a urine odor". There was no odor - those clothes came out of the dryer that morning. To be sure, I smelled the clothes when she brought them to me out of the wal-mart bag they were sent home in and NO ODOR other than dryer sheet. I was about *this* close (thumb and forefinger about 1 mm apart) to takign that bag of clothign back to the school and make the teacher smell them herself. They weren't pristine stain free clothing but they werent' smelly. I'm still angry about it. And I REFUSE to go to any more parent teacher conferences because I don't know if I can hold my tongue around that woman. Maybe I should get her a tin of breathmints, a tube of deodorant, a can of lysol and a box of dryer sheets for the end of year gift? No - that would be too ... um.... bitter and vengeful I guess. Knowing me I probably just won't do an end of year gift this year. I did write a letter to her teacher indicating my displeasure, explaining that I pick my battles with my kids carefully and asking if I made sure that Youngest wore new clothes and took a bath every single night would the teacher PLEASE find time to appreciate my child for who she is and not what she is wearing. My letter may have been over the edge a bit but I was infuriated. And the nightly bathing is wreaking havok with Youngests hair.... I seriously cannot wait for school to end this year. I have no idea what we will do with the kids this summer but I can't wait to get her out of that class.

The critters are out. There were five squirrels in the loquat tree tonight. I also counted two cardinals (mom and dad - probably have a nest nearby) and a sparrow and a tiny brown bunny. Firstborn has also seen the doe - she has a new fawn already. I also saw a turkey in the middle of the road on my way home from work the other day. It saw the car and started running down the road away from me. Stupid bird - just trotted down the road in front of my car - running as fast as it could move those legs - (about 5mph) it was quite a sight. I debated honking at it but figured it was already running as fast as it could I didn't want to give it a heart attack.

well - I've procrastinated on the taxes enough - I better do them tonight before I forget for another week.


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