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Thursday, April 06, 2006

One week and still hurting

Yeah - teeth are gone but DANG the healing process takes forever. Owie!

The place I bought all my clothes from is inundating me with catalogs. I think I am a "super valued customer" now. LOL! I get a new catalog with a different variety of items about twice a week.

I found a place that does lampworking classes - will cost me about $200 for a 6 hour class. They start with the basics and lead on up to glass sculpture. I can't wait until I can take a lesson! And then I will need to buy glass and a torch if I like it and all sorts of supplies - but I am totally obsessed over learning this....

If you want to send me pictures to tweak - I can definitely tweak 'em. I loved doing the wedding pictures. The couple really liked them - I was very happy. :)

That's all that's new. Oh - wait - I got a memory foam pillow. Let me just say this - it's AWESOME I cannot believe what I ever did without one.


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