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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Um... yeah... about that dry spell there

...sorry about that. I've been under a lot of pressure lately - but a ton of it was lifted last Friday when my week-o-trainings were completed. I always thought I'd like to be a teacher, but yikes - I can't imagine actually doing it on a daily basis. Back in high-school I would rather have puked instead of speaking for an hour or more in front of over 20 people each time - but now - it's no biggie to me. I am continually amazed with what I can do and where I am now - I never would have dreamed that I would be doing what I do now. Monday was fun - it was a 12 hour day but I got to go across the state to Tampa to teach part of a seminar. I have never been to Tampa before. It's quite the town - I definitely need to make another visit when I don't have to leave immediately after class. Tuesday was playing catch-up and suddenly realizing that I have to wrap up all the beta testers out there for a Friday release. Eeeegh. I had help and we made it though. Wednesday through friday were more classes and I'm all taught out. :) I think I'm glad I am not a teacher, but I sure do like my new job. LOL!

Anyways - about that dry spell there - stress stress, new job, travel, long hours blah blah all added up to a dearth of postings from me. I am so sorry. I will try to post more often. I decided yesterday that I would post at a minimum of every other day and if I could think of nothing to write about I would make the topic "three things". So - to launch it all I will think up three related things and post them. You on the other hand, dear reader, get to guess the theme. First one to guess will get,,,, um...... well I'll tell everyone how pretty you are. See, now isn't that a prize worth getting? Stop laughing.

Moving onward with the game.... Tonight's theme will be pretty easy to get. Well, maybe not - but if you think like me it should be easy to get. Here's my three things.

1) I pop tums like candy - ever since I had Firstborn, I have not been
without a bottle of TUMS. Several bottles actually. I have some in my purse - a few strays in my car, a bottle at my desk, by my bed, and one at work. Matter of fact - I bought only one kind for years and years that now, I can no longer eat the multi-fruit flavored tums - the thought of those make me gag. Bleahg. The doctor asks how much milk I drink at my checkups and I tell him None. Then he launches into how I should plan for bone-loss and get in the habit now and all I have to do it pull that bottle of tums out of my purse and explain that I take the daily recommended dosage all the time. The badside is the constant heartburn, but the good side is that I definitely won't suffer from bone-loss as I age.

2) My favorite smell in the fall is the smell of burning leaves. When I was
growing up in Illinois a friend of mine always took me to a hayride someone held
every year. It was a real hayride - not a flatbed trailer with a few bales of straw in it. Hay smells so much nicer than plain old straw - especially fresh hay. Anyhow - after the hayride we would roast marshmallows over a pile of burning leaves and I learned to eat my marshmallows charred because I couldn't cook them any other way.

3) I am very fair skinned. In high school kids would tease me and make fun of me if I forgot my sunscreen. I used to get the biggest ugliest blisters on my skin afterwards - it wasn't until years later that I learned I got the blisters because I slathered Noxema on my sunburn and it clogged the pores on my skin so the sweat or shower steam would just inflate my skin. Yeah - that's really gross. I'm sorry. But it's a bonus tip for you all - learn from my pain. Noxema feels so good on sunburn but DON'T DO IT. You will pay the price later on for that blessed relief.

Okay - there you are. Those are today's three things. Now, who's the prettiest?


Blogger Cate said...

I've waited a whole day to see if anyone else guessed...

So my guess, which doesn't sound right, is "three of the five senses." Taste, smell, touch." But I ask myself...if that was it why did she just choose to do three, so I'm sure that's wrong. It's probably something like osteoporosis, dermatitis, hayfever. I'm grasping here.

5/01/2006 11:23:00 PM  

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