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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The news always depresses me

I don't watch the news that often, I don't read the news that much either. I mean - I'll skim the free local paper and I'll watch local news on TV but I usually turn the channel before it gets to the world news. I never read the world news in the paper either..... I suppose I might be in denial about it because who would want to hear about the atrocities going on at the hands of people representing us in foreign lands? I just accidentally stumbled across an article about the killings in Haditha today - where WE (Americans) are the guilty party - we killed civilians. I just plain don't get it. Why? There's an ambassador over there - we killed his cousin.

I don't know that I should be taking the blame for all of this - and I do take on some of that guilt even though I didn't pull the trigger and I don't know what the situation was or why people are being killed..... but I still take on some of that guilt - because it was done in the name of America, and I am an american. I feel great shame knowing what my country is doing to other people that really aren't any of our business. I don't know what our leaders think they are doing but it's terrible and horrible what the results are. Don't even ask - I didn't vote for him.

I suppose there is a reason I'm willfully ignorant of what is going on elsewhere in the world. I don't want to feel this guilt, I don't want to feel this shame. I am an american - I should be proud. I'm not.

I'm not a political junkie and I won't go into a long winded diatribe of this or that reason why I dislike our current leaders, but I will tell you this - they aren't doing what they said they would. I think there's too much of "Just go and do, deal with the damage later".

I have a recurring dream where our national government fails and all 50 states are left to fend on their own - like how the USSR divided itself into it's supporting states. Am I saying that this is this the beginning of the end of our country? God I hope not. but when the other great nations fell it always started with this kind of a downslide. We are the last of the super powers - in terms of how much territory we cover and how much influence we have with nations around the world - but I sense a dwindling.

I can't be the only one to smell this..... deterioration. I'm an optimist - I ALWAYS look at the bright sunshiney side of things. If I can sense it - how bad is it really? I can't get an outside perspective on it - because I live here and cannot afford to travel for an extended period of time. (Okay I can't afford to travel - period)

I don't know how to end this post - I usually try to end on a happy note and with this one - well, ,there really isn't. I never read newspapers and I don't watch the world news - I suppose this is why.


Blogger Jen said...

Egh. Try watching CNN all day at work. You will feel worse. What can we do? Learn French and go to Canada?

6/04/2006 11:01:00 PM  

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