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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Over the hill or down the hill?

We have a winner in the pretty contest! Cate, you are gorgeous my dah-link! You wook Mah-velous! Absolutely fabulous! You should all be like Cate. Cate is pretty not because she was right - because she wasn't. Cate is gorgeous because she was the only guesser! You all who read and didn't post are slackers I say! Slackety slackering slackers! But y'all are kinda pretty cause you read this.... but not as Gorgeous as Cate!

My theme was "burning" but I would have accepted "white things" as well. :)

Tonight I have no game for you - I have a real topic! Yay me! Or should I say - Yay firstborn! I owe him the credit for this quote. My kids are definitely developing some wit. *SOB* *sniff* I am so proud.

So - anyways, I was talking to the kids about how in about 5 years we will have to do something for DH because he will then be "over the hill". First born looks at me, smirks and says "Can I push him DOWN one?"


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