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Monday, June 12, 2006

bargain hunting

DH and I stopped by Goodwill today - I rarely rummage through their clothing racks because they don't sorty by size and I'm such an odd size it's too discouraging for me - but I did find a nice pair of dressy shoes with a 1 inch heel on them (that adds alot when you are 6 foot already) and some bowls. Our goodwill doesn't have a good jewelry selection - I was hoping for some vintage glass pearls or something - but I did find a really neato looking silvery sequiny metal mesh purse that looked like it dated from the 50s. SCORE! It was never used - the internal price tag priced it at $58 and I got it for $2.99. Now - I just need somewhere to take it where I won't look like a street corner slut. :)

I love me some trashy glittery purse!


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