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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thinking of travel

I got tapped to visit PA in about a week or so and that got me thinking about airline tickets. Durign my price hunting binge I stumbled across Spirit airlines. Why did nobody tell me about this company before? I found that I can fly ROUND TRIP to Michigan for less than $100 a head if I leave on a Tuesday and return on a Wednesday. Take that and put it with the budgeted amount I expected to spend at Universal this summer and it looks like we might be able to go back up north this fall! DH and I are still talking dates and school and vacation days and pet boardign but with that kind of price, it may just happen! Do we want summertime, or do we want fall with the leaves? Or do we want turkey, or do we want snow? We are all leaning toward summer. I checked pricing to VT and it's the same price - but I'd ahve to fly into Burlington and that's so much farther north than I wanted, or Boston which is so much farther south. Although - we might do that next year. Here's hoping!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish you could come to VT to see Gramma and Grandpa. I am not sure they will be here next year. Grandpa will be coming home from the hospital this Friday if all goes well. That will be a nice birthday present for Grandma who will be 89 on Saturday. We (the three sisters) are all exhausted and stressed out with the situation the way it is. We try to keep everyone happy but that isn't always possible. Aunt Carol will be releaving me tonight. I have slept 3 nights down there. She will spend 3 nights and then it is me again. Aunt Joyce is not coming up this weekend because it is her and Uncle Blair's Anniversary. So that leaves just me and Carol. It gets very tiring answering questions from grandma... the same thing all over and over and over again.

6/29/2006 11:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a friend who stays with grandma when we go to work. (Roy's sister, Mary) She is great. Yesterday I was so frustrated with grandma that I was yelling. I hate it when I lose it. I finally left and ran up to my house to get a vacumn to do the windows which were full of bugs. Big june bugs. UCK!!! But they are all gone now. Well, that's all for now. Things are going well with me and Roy at least. Couldn't ask for a nicer guy. TAke care and give the kids a hug and kiss from me. Love MOM

6/29/2006 11:55:00 AM  

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