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Saturday, June 10, 2006


I just checked the weather site (hurricane links are up in the left corner there) and thank goodnes but there is a tropical depression headed our way. It' s not supposed to get windy - but it's definitely supposed to get wet - which we desperately need. I like yellow and all but a lawn full of straw isn't really attractive. DH and I were talking about that just today - we agreed that we are likely going to have to rake the lawn/dust and reseed - if not resod entirely - it's pitiful. There was another fire just the other day not 5 miles away that ate up almost a hundred acres before they got it under control. I am really hoping we get some of the wetness soon - it's so dry my poor nose has been bleeding on a regular basis! I smile - GOOSH. I blink - GOOSH. The kiddos only think it's cool the first couple of times. After that - it's just gross. Yes - I'm doing nostril horns to stop it. (Thanks for the idea Becki!) Where was I before I got to blood and nostril horns.... Oh yes, rain. A year ago I wouldn't have said this - but now - with the dryness and straw grass and fires and all.... I will say it now.

A big tropical storm is coming - woo woo!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Yellow grass is what we used to have in IL but it just goes dormant and with a few good soakings it comes back. So I wouldn't rack or sod just yet. Grandpa is doing better. he is in a rehab hospital in Townsend VT and really wants to come home. He still has a cath and an infection. He gets a little confused. We have to clear that up before he comes home. But it will be a full summer of taking care of him and grandma. Aunts and me are taking turns sleeping at the house. I would gladly send you some of our rain.... we are getting floods and everything. We'll send it south, okay? Love you, give the kids a hug from me. MOM

6/11/2006 10:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem :) Saved me many times! haha Not the most attractive thing, but hey, it works!

6/12/2006 09:05:00 AM  

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