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Life is not about getting to the destination, life is what happens to you on the way there. 

Friday, July 28, 2006

Here's a crab we saw at a local park the other day - isn't it cute?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Is anyone else having trouble posting on blogger? I have foudn that if I'm not using somethign like Heloo or Picasa to post it takes for-freaking-ever to get the screen to display the keystrokes I'm typing. It used to be easy and go lickety split so I could post in a couple of seconds but taking 15 minutes to type out a flipping post is causing me to wait to post until I have a photo to go with it and that means a lot of cute ideas are lost into the ether. Like just now - I typed that last sentence in a couple of second and then sat aounmd for it to display for 15 seconds. That's ridiculous. . I don't even go back to fix typos anymore because I will lose my placec in where I am at and it's such a pain to move the cursor around I'm going to go insane. If you have any idea how to make posting any faster I'm all ear4s. In the meantime I'm looking into migrating this blog somewhere else. I'll let you know when it moves - GAH this is really angering me.

I mean I could have posted about the snake at work yesterday, the weird word I found or some of the cute things the kids are doing. My alien finger dies and we got a weedwhacker - I messed up at work again but not so bad this time . And oh boy none of that paragraph is showing on the screen yet. MAD MAD MAD.

too frustrating to post so i'm going to find somewhere else that's not so annoying and try to migrate my stuff over there - posting will be few until I find a place - I'm sorry.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here's my latest jewelry creation. Bronzite hand-faceted tab beads, glass swarovski pearls, seed beads and a leaf shaped Mother of pearl blister bearl pendant. That's a toggle type clasp on it - the little end slides in where the big end joins the necklace and goes thorugh a slot in the tube to secure it at the other end. It's my favorite piece of jewelry that I made so far. (Earring findings are cheap ones however, I ran out of sterling and I ran out of cash)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is the aftermath of Fear Factor push pops. Youngest got one flavored like sour watermelon with an eyeball gumball

This one was black. BLACK! With red "blood" that oozed from the middle (raspberry flavored). I don't know whether to be grossed out or - uh - okay well just grossed out. And suckered in - I bought those things! - look at those teeth. Reminds me of those dye chewables they would give you in school so you could see where you weren't brushing but no matter how hard or how long you brush you never got the dye off. Oh the childhood trauma.....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My aloe is in bloom. WOOO! I'm going to get more aloe plants! I really like it's flower - kind of skeletal and alien looking. Around here when the Century plant blooms it sends this kind of bloom about 100 feet into the air. When we first moved down here the kids called the blooms of the century plant Alien Fingers and that name has stuck. Here's my own mini version of an Alien Finger. Awesome.

Here's a road DH and I found on Sunday just riding around - we drove it - it's old and mostly deserted and washed out in spots and hugely potholed in others but it was a great adventure. I looked it up online later - we found out that this road is called "The old brick Road" and was part of the first paved road in the state. It's only about 9 feet wide - but the whole thing is made of brick laid much like patio stone. It cost half a million dollars in it's day (about 100 years ago). There were placecs where we weren't sure we could get the car through it was that bad - but DH did - it was very fun. We'd stop the car in random spots just to get out and walk portions of it - very cool

The trees formed a natural tunnel around the road most of the time where it wasn't logged out.

Here's a better shot of part of the road that's in pretty good condition. The edges of the road had somethign a lot like sidewalk on them (You can just see it on the left corner there) and when I read about it I found that it is acrually crushed oyster shell - it's all bonded together now like cement. Quite interesting.

Friday, July 07, 2006

HAAAAA! I just figured out why I thought Yzma from "The Emperors New Groove" looked so familiar. Jen - you in particular should be able to see this - doesn't it look like our art teacher? I will never ever watch that movie in the same light again! OMG I'm dying over here.

Stupid accidents

I got to thinking today about all the silly and stupid things I've done and lived to tell about and thought I might share a few of them with you. Have you ever done somethign stupid? I'd love to hear about it.

1) First grade: We used to run around the school playground in gym class and there was a telephone pole in the middle of the path - well not really but the way we wandered while we ran it got to be in the middle quite frequently. Anyhow, one day the whole class is running and I hear someone yelling at me. I know the pole is up ahead but someone is really really hollering at me. I turn my head to see what they want and WHAM - like those splattered witch halloween decorations my arms and legs go out on either side of the pole and the next thing I know I'm on the ground with the teacher peering at me and a crowd of kids around me laughing. I can still smell the tar from the pole. The yelling? The teacher was warning me to stay away from the pole.

2) I don't clearly remember this one but I remember the pain. At a barbequeue at a park we are roasting hotdogs over the grill and someone tells me to be careful of the tongs because they are hot. I grabbed some tongs and touched the tips to see just how hot they were and heard a weird sizzling sound. I actually LOOKED AROUND FOR THE SOURCE OF THE SIZZLE before it occurred to me that the sizzling and popping was me. I think I was 9 or 10 - not a whole lot of common sense.

3) I was about 20 when I discovered that my son thought suctioning cups to your face was funny. I got such giggles from him when he tried to pull the cup off my face! He and I did that so much one night that I wound up with a very red, very round full facial hickie over my mouth and lips. I don't think I left the house for a week.

4) Right before we moved to Florida, DH and the kids and I were at a birthday picnic for one of my nieces and we are packing our picnic stuff away in the car. I'm leaning over the top of the car where the front door and the back door touch. Firstborn slams the rear car door and it's all I can do to stand there and not scream out to everyone in earshot that OH MY GOD MY BOOB IS STUCK IN THE CAR DOOR.

got any good ones? Think you can top those? Comment and tell me about them! I hope I'm not the only clutz out there....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Potty fixed

One resin fish from the dollar store - $1.
One plunger - $5
One wax seal for sealing the toilet back to the floor - $5
A child with small enough hands to reach up the bottom of the toilet to get the flushed fish - one punishment waiver
A DH who knows how to rip up a toilet, fish out the fish and replace said toilet - Priceless!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why I had kids.....

Because they sure do make life unpredictable.

Let me start out by saying Happy Fourth of July to all! And as for me? I'm going to buy a new toilet. Oh, but let me explain.

Today started out with a plugged toilet. Firstborn usually is the plugger so he was the de-plugger by default. Life rolls on and we cooked burgers and ate lunch. Middlechild used the toilet and came running out in near hysterics.
"The toilet overflowed! It's all poopy!"
Um, ,yeah, well it didn't overflow - but got uncomfortably close to the rim. Again Firstborn is called and he plunges. The toilet flushes again, but not for long. DH and I can't figure out what the heck is wrong with it - the water isn't going too fast, the toilet is acting plugged but nithing is stoppering it up. Plunge again and it flushes mostly good so we chalk it up to Firstborn tossing dried cat turds in it or something and leave it alone.
Fast forward to bedtime. It's plugged again. That's when Youngest mentions that maybe something fell into the toilet. Maybe. And maybe it got flushed. She's just sayin. Maybe - that's all.
My parental radar did all the normal WOOOP WOOOP WOOOP when somethign is suspect. I moved to defcon 2 and proceeded to pump her for more information.
"You member the fish statue onna shelf in da baffroom dat nobody can touch? Maybe it fell off - the glass one and maybe a piece of it got flushed. "
"Did you flush my fish?"
""I saw a tail inna toilet...."
"Did you pick it out?"
"Stick my hand in there??? NO dat's gross"
"Did you tell someone else to get it for you?"
"No it was just in there"
"Did you flush it?"
"When did oyu flush it"
"I dinnit flush it, ,I just use da potty"
"Did this happen today?"
"I don't know, maybe yesterday"
"It happened yesterday?"
"Maybe long time ago. Maybe it happened long time ago when the glas fish tail got inna toilet"
By this time I figured she was remembering a blown glass fish that fell into the toilet and shattered - we had to don gloves to pick out the glass so it would not get flushed. We went back to flushign and plunging. Then - she comes back and reminds us that maybe a piece of the fish fell in. I remembered a resin fish figurine that was in teh bathroom on the shelf - I asked Firstborn to go get it and there it was - the 3 inch by three inch fish was no longer on the base of the figurine. It has shattered neatly in half and I assumed that the half I didn't see was now stuck in the bowels of my toilet.

I asked her why she didn't tell us in the first place so we could pick it out instead of trying to plunge it through (cause if it wasn't wedged before, it sure is now. ) She told us that she didn't want to get in trouble. I asked her how much a broken toilet would get her into trouble? Her eyes got big and she said "The toilet's broken?" It never occurred to her that flushing something will break the toilet. I hope it's a lesson she never forgets. When we disassemble the toilet and take it off - guess who will be helping?

Monday, July 03, 2006

I found a halfway decent shot of the little ghost crab. Here he is!

Here's a much better photo of the moth. All I had on me was my camera phone, but my co-worker had her camera and took this shot.

A quarter for perspective to give you an idea how big this bug is. Very beautiful. We see them all the time in this part of Florida.

Here's another bug from outside the building that morning. I'm told it's a waterbug. I think they are really interesting - as long as they stay outside.

And in other enws here is the first mailbox I've ever painted. I was comissioned to do it for the mother of a friend

That's a crane, not a sickly seagull and on the back of the mailbox is a tiny ghost crab - I didn't get a good pic of that - or the boat/beach chair combo on the front but that's okay. It was fun to do this! I'm thinking I might make more of them to sell at local boutiques. Do you think people would buy them?

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