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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Is anyone else having trouble posting on blogger? I have foudn that if I'm not using somethign like Heloo or Picasa to post it takes for-freaking-ever to get the screen to display the keystrokes I'm typing. It used to be easy and go lickety split so I could post in a couple of seconds but taking 15 minutes to type out a flipping post is causing me to wait to post until I have a photo to go with it and that means a lot of cute ideas are lost into the ether. Like just now - I typed that last sentence in a couple of second and then sat aounmd for it to display for 15 seconds. That's ridiculous. . I don't even go back to fix typos anymore because I will lose my placec in where I am at and it's such a pain to move the cursor around I'm going to go insane. If you have any idea how to make posting any faster I'm all ear4s. In the meantime I'm looking into migrating this blog somewhere else. I'll let you know when it moves - GAH this is really angering me.

I mean I could have posted about the snake at work yesterday, the weird word I found or some of the cute things the kids are doing. My alien finger dies and we got a weedwhacker - I messed up at work again but not so bad this time . And oh boy none of that paragraph is showing on the screen yet. MAD MAD MAD.

too frustrating to post so i'm going to find somewhere else that's not so annoying and try to migrate my stuff over there - posting will be few until I find a place - I'm sorry.


Blogger Cate said...

Hey Karry, Sometimes a word is a "little" slow in showing up, but nothing major...not like a whole paragraph fifteen seconds later. I'll be more alert about it now though. Cate

7/25/2006 09:57:00 PM  

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