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Monday, August 07, 2006

Here's another pic of the intracoastal. I'm using it as a means of making an enty to the blog - I hate taking 30 seconds to type 15 characters at the blogger site. Today is definitely a Monday. First day of school and everyone oversleeps - there's a mad dash to the bus (firstborn made his bus, the girls missed theirs) and then I get a phone call from Firstborn - he needs to be picked up because I completely forgot about his tetanus booster and they will not (WILL NOT) allow him to stay there just for today. So I get there and get him - they have to escort him to his classroom to get his things like he's a criminal or some sort of hooligan who will run around the hallways infecting everyone with his shotless self (I'm SO SORRY, firstborn) and today I am supposed to be back at work from a "vacation" where we did nothing and I just stayed home doing nothing and it wasn't really a vacation but oh well. So I have to extend it to take him down to the shot clinic - which is only open at 1pm today - and his school day ends at 2pm so he's going to miss the entire first day of school. Agqain, I am SO SORRY firstborn! Agh - I hate Mondays....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to down load those pics. I have not had a chance to do that yet. GPA is back in the hospital. He took GMA's meds and overdosed, he's okay now. But he is still having trouble. Thinks he lives at home with his mother and father and has no children. Not sure if nursing home is called for but we may be getting close. Anyway, Roy says I am never in one place long enough at anyone time. I think he is right. I will be leaving here at 2:30 to visit GPA in the hospital and then heading to GMA's house.... It's my tour of duty until Thursday. Oh boy... joy, joy. It is really tough getting old.... just shoot me, okay?

8/07/2006 02:23:00 PM  

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