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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is the best recent one I have of Middlechild. Firstborn is headlong into the greasys but the most recent one I have of him will follow this one - it's a shot of the intracoastal and he's walking toward it. When you get here next time I want to show you this place.

He's about 3 inches shorter than I am if you can believe that. DH and I are discussing a family portrait in the coming couple of days - I'll post that if we do it.

Here's Middlechild on her birthday

Here's youngest in front of the poster for All American where she sang the Hukilau (or as she puts it - the hookee-lump)

This is the best pic of Firstborn I have that's fairly recent - but it's from January. He tends to avoid the camera lately while the girls ham it up.


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