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Friday, August 18, 2006

trying to make a post from a different computer...

I am trying to post from a different machine because I suspect that it's just my machine that is screwed up and wow wouldn't you know it - there is nothing wrong when I post from here. There is no delay. It looks like I iwll be killing MS Word (the app I think is suspect) and re-installing it. Hopefully that will clear up the issue - I really do NOT want to do a wipe and re-install.

I've been spending a lot of time lately in a game called World of Warcraft. That's crack in and of itself. I always wondered why people would pay for the privelige of playing that game online - well now I know. It completely rocks my world lately. :) If you play and have a character on Stormrage - look me up - My name is Serissana and I'm horde. :) It would be cool to see a reader of this thing (if there are any left) online.

Some randomness from my world lately:
I still love my job. Is that legal?

Middlechild has a project to do that requires building a log cabin out of sticks or somethign similar. She and I went to WalMart and hit the craft section and spent a small fortune on supplies. I reasoned that the leftovers would be good to have for the next child that has to do this. DH asked me why I did that and I just laughed. I mean - get two crafty people in the same store for a project ith tons of possibilities - what do YOU think is going to happen? I'm easily suckered in for craft supplies anyways... sheesh.

I stillhavent found a home for the male puppy left from Dixie's last litter. We've taken to calling him Peanut. I thinkhe will be sticking around for a while.

Youngest's teacher is really nice. She's new but already I like her better than the last one. Seems to be a bit more my type of person. (that and I suspect she has been warned about me LOL!) We will see how the year progresses.

Firstborn is now only maybe 2-3 inches shorter than I am. he is going to be a big kid. he's a good kid - but I worry about how I will manage discipline when I can't out-tall him and stare him down. He still is insisting on enliting inthe Army when he gets old enough. I have talked to some ex-army guys I work with and they assure me that he will have an opportunity to *not* go to a war zone. I worry about that too.

Well - I just wanted to try this out on DH's laptop - it works form here so I will try to post more often and maybe I can fix my computer. Hopefully my plan works. Wish me luck! I've missed posting.....


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